Re: <i>, <em> and font-style:italic in HTML 5

On 23/09/13 20:55, Rabab Gomaa wrote:

> The *i *element represents a span of text in an alternate voice or mood.
> The *em* element represents stress emphasis of its contents.
> I believe a class with *style="font-style:italic" *would be like using
> an *i* element to alternate voice or mood *without *emphasis.

If you re talking about how to style "i", that depends on the context 
and the cultural expectations of the users.

However, if you are not talking about how to style "i" elements, style 
on its own should never be used as an alternative to appropriate 
semantic markup, for any reason except purely decorative ones.

(Of course "i" is a cop out.  It is really entirely presentational, but, 
because so widely used, had to be justified by giving it a semantic 
distinction from "em" (and any of the other elements typically rendered 
in italics).)

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