Nested Headings (1.3.1, 2.4.10 or neither)

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We've been having an interesting discussion as to whether the use of incorrectly nested headings is a failure of 1.3.1, 2.4.10 , both or neither.

In 1.3.1. we can see that in order to programmatically determine the relationship between a heading and the content that it should be programmatically-associated, such as using html heading tags (H1-6) and one of the techniques is H42, Using H1-h6 to identify headings.

Technique G141: organizing a page using headings is another techniques and it says that "authors should use headings that are properly nested...".

I can't see anywhere if it is actually a failure to have headings incorrectly nested, or whether it is more a case of not using 'best practice'.

2.4.10 also relates to section headings and shows the only sufficient technique (listed) as G141 again.

To settle this debate, would you consider it a failure if headings (coded as H1-6) were used to show sections of content, but were not correctly nested?


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