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This is a follow-up of a discussion I began with Shawn six months ago at 
last European Accessibility Forum (in Paris, France).

We discussed about BAD (Before After Demo) and the willing to have a 
bunch of examples of accessible and not-accessible examples. I talked 
about KBAccess, an opensource project I created.

I would be very happy to hear from you about it. Here is its description.

* Collaborative knowledge base

KBAccess is a collaborative knowledge base of good / bad examples of 
accessibility. An example is the combination of:
- a web page (from a real existing website)
- an accessibility test (for instance Success Criteria 1.1.1 or 
Technique F17)
- a result (passed or failed)
- a possible comment left by the reporter of the example (e.g. to point 
out the location of the issue in the page)

All of this is stored in a database, in order to be easily searchable. 
The webpage is also copied (archived), so that it is "freezed" and 
changes no more in time.

* History of the project

The project was first started back in 2009, as an internship project. As 
a former accessibility consultant, I had always missed such a database 
for demos or training (that meant examples should "live forever", in 
order to build a sustainable database). We also needed a bunch of real 
examples to challenge the accessibility evaluation tool we develop.

* Opensource

As an opensource enthusiast, I wanted it to be free (AGPL license) and 
collaborative. KBAccess (the application itself) is available at and the source code is on GitHub

* Data and why only now

Started 4 years ago, KBAccess is filled with 650+ examples by 50+ 
contributors (well honestly, a few of them are really prolific). As we 
are french, we first supported the local accessibility references 
(AccessiWeb & RGAA).

The last version, just released last week, now includes WCAG support 
(and off course is fully internationalised) That's why we bring it to 
your attention only at the moment.

* Feedback

As I told you, I wonder what your feedback could be. What is your 
thinking about the project ? Would it be of interest to you ? To others 
? Would you like to contribute ? (examples ? code ?)

I would love to hear you about it (even if you don't like it !)

Thank you in advance


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