Re: screen reader reporting of negative values

Hi Adam,

I've added VoiceOver/Safari/OSX10.8 and Jaws 14/IE10:

For your test cases only the minus or #8722 work with VoiceOver, but they
do work across all the test cases. I've added you as an editor for the doc,
and feel free to grab/copy it.

It was also interesting comparing your test case with mine, as I
inadvertently included something that worked a lot better: putting the
dollar sign first, so the 'minus' character is next to the numbers.
e.g. $-567.89

I've included the additional test case in the attached HTML, where using
the dash, minus, or #8722 work across recent Jaws/NVDA and VoiceOver.

I suspect putting the minus character (dash or −) by the numbers will
work across the rest of the screen readers a lot better as well, but it
would be great if you could verify that.



Received on Wednesday, 21 August 2013 11:58:42 UTC