Re: screen reader reporting of negative values

Foliot, John wrote:

>  Roughly a year ago I filed the following bug at NVDA:
> - it was subsequently
> fixed.  Are you aware of any screen reader that is not announcing the dash
> as a negative when combined with a numeral?

This came up for me a few weeks ago, with default punctuation VoiceOver
doesn't announce dash or minus for a regular dash. It does if you set
punctuation to maximum. I asked on a VoiceOver list and few people do that,
or would know to change for a particular page (as discussed on this thread).

I hadn't come across − before (thank you Adam Zerner!), which seems
to be the best candidate. It is read out as 'minus' by all the ones I've
- VoiceOver (10.7 on Safari)
- Jaws 14 / IE 10
- NVDA 2013.1.1 / FF 23

− also worked across those user agents, but I think − is easier
to remember!

It also looks like a regular minus, instead of a long dash.

I'll post my test page and results when I get home tonight.



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