Re: Amazon and Sony Are Requesting That The Accessibility Requirement Be Waved for E-Book Readers

Having read both articles, I still feel there is cause for concern. I 
would also like to point out that not only people with visual 
impairments are affected by this situation. For example, as a person 
with a physical impairment, I can attest that some hardware is difficult 
if not at times impossible to use. I was recently offered a kindle as a 
gift and find it very difficult to operate some of the controls and have 
had to develop tedious physical workarounds. This is also often the case 
with mobile phones. The thing is, with a physical impairment, you often 
have to try it out in advance to know if you can use it and in my 
experience, that is rarely possible. (Yes I know this list may be less 
concerned with hardware obstacles but from personal experience, I think 
it is a mistake to ignore that aspect when it comes to accessibility and 
I believe WAI's recent work on applying WCAG to ICTs is indicative a 
real need in that area).

So in general, I still think this waiver request is worth keeping on our 

Best regards,


Catherine Roy

On 07/08/2013 5:23 PM, Karen Lewellen wrote:
> Actually this may demonstrate the difference between a blog and real 
> journalism.  The suggestion that a company announced something prior 
> to requesting  a waver from having to provide that  something does not 
> hold together.  After all, why *must* a person by a tablet if all they 
> want to do is read?  Is not that what such simple devices provide the 
> public?  A means to do something basic.
> I mean you can use a buzz saw to open a can too, but why if there is a 
> simple can opener in the drawer?
> Karen
> On Wed, 7 Aug 2013, Darren McMillan wrote:
>> Hard to tell as the further you read into the petitions references, 
>> the less convincing it becomes. That being said there is a pretty 
>> good write up regarding its implications here:
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