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Request for an update for aria-posinset/aria-setsize in the ARIA documentation?

From: Bryan Garaventa <bryan.garaventa@whatsock.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2013 22:07:24 -0700
Message-ID: <47ED3D04D79D449F92BBA84ADACC828E@WAMPAS>
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
I was reading the spec for the aria-posinset and aria-setsize attributes in the ARIA spec, and noticed that some of the relevant widget types are missing.

The implication is that, only listitems and treeitems support this attribute, but this isn't true, nor desirable, since all of the following widget types can benefit from explicit position association:
Tabs, Listbox Options, Menu Items, and Radio Buttons.

Actually all of these are already supported in JAWS and NVDA.
Radio Buttons

I understand that aria-owns can be set to explicitly set an association when the child nodes aren't first level children, but ironically this doesn't work at all in JAWS and NVDA for conveying the correct 'x of y' position of any of the above widgets. Only aria-posinset/aria-setsize work correctly for doing this in IE/FF.

So, would it be worth adding this to the ARIA spec as a supported combination? You can test how it works using the above links.

Best wishes,
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