RE: is javascript considered good wacg 2.0 practice?

Hi all,

I really do not want to intervene in the eternal discussion about
javascript, but I think it is important to note only two considerations
about the concept of accessibility and usability:

While it is true that the main objective of the WCAG (1.0 and 2.0) is to
meet the needs of people with disabilities, so is that during the drafting
we had in mind needs of non-disabled people that they were in certain

Do not forget that the guidelines are based on the principles of universal
design, or as we call it in Europe, design for all.

Moreover, I think we should be aware that as the document says: applying
guidelines content will be made accessible to "a wide range of people with
disabilities." That is, no promises it will be for all people with

Moreover, I think it's important to remember the ISO definitions of
accessibility and usability, which clarify the difference between a concept
and another:

Accessibility: "extent to which products, systems, services, environments
and facilities can be used by people from populations with the widest range
of user needs for the widest range of goals in the widest range of contexts
of use" (Resolution agreed in the Warsaw meeting of ISO/IEC SC35 WG6 -
August - 2011).

Usability: The effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which
specified users achieve specified goals in particular environments. (ISO

And the key here is the term "specific".

At least for me it is important to remember that accessibility is for
everyone. And I know that it is also for many in this list.

All the best,

Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo
Fundación Sidar – Acceso Universal

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Harry quoted:

> "Following these guidelines will make content *accessible*
 > to a wider range of people with disabilities"

Accessibility = aim at people with disabilities

> "Following these guidelines will also often make your
 > Web content more *usable* to users in general."

Usability = aimad at everyone

Note also the difference between "will make" and "will often make". The
second one means that usability may be a side effect of using WCAG 2.0, not
its primary goal.


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