Re: is javascript considered good wacg 2.0 practice?

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+ quiet and learn, but I know Karen from another list. Karen has shared on
+ that list that she is still using DOS, and I believe a version of
+ WordPerfect that still works with DOS. I'll admit that when she wrote

In my experience, Windows 3.0 generation Word Processors exceed the 
capabilities of most of their users and later ones add very little that 
they are effectively able to use, other than the ability to read 
documents from those later word processors.

There is a bit of a jump from text mode plus preview to graphical 
WYSIWYG, so I distinguish between Windows 3.0 and DOS products, but for 
the average uses of a word processor, once you have mastered a DOS one, 
and if you use it regularly, you are unlikely to get any real benefit 
from a GUI one, and may actually be less productive.

(If you want to create documents that are accessibly marked up, a text 
mode markup language is probably still best for text documents.  Hardly 
anyone I know uses styles and headings properly in MS-Word.)

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