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SV: Limit on the links in a page

From: Morten Tollefsen <morten@medialt.no>
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2012 14:03:19 +0200
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> Are they "inaccessible"?

Very good question! I've sometimes commented on w3c reccomendations etc, and a couple of times I've actually noted/commented that these standards use too many links (for example phrases/keywords have a link each time they're used). When using a screen reader all these links in the text really makes it harder to understand the contents: links are shown on a separate line (not in the running text), when using speech you'll hear something like "same page link" before all links etc. etc. I am skilled enough to know how to set up my screen reader not to announce this of course, but in my opinion links in these standards are really misused, and make the contents less accessible.

W3c documents often make the same mistake as many did in the beginning of web: link whenever it is possible to link. And when links are generated automatically (keywords/phrases etc) the result is 500+ links even in wcag. Not good accessibility, and I guess that it is possible to argue that the standard doesn't conform to wcag (links in context, ...), but I'll not try to do that:-)!

- Morten
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