Role Attribute 1.0 Candidate Recommendation in Implementation and Testing

Dear WAI Interest Group,

W3C WAI announces the publication of Role Attribute 1.0 as a W3C Candidate Recommendation on 12 July, at:

The Role Attribute allows authors to annotate markup languages with machine-extractable semantic information about the purpose of an element. Role Attribute is a critical requirement for WAI-ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications), which is introduced at

Candidate Recommendation (CR) is a major step in the W3C standards development process; it signals that there is broad consensus in the Working Group and among public reviewers on the technical content of Role Attribute 1.0. The W3C Process stages are described in:
       How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process

The primary purpose of this CR stage is implement and test the Role Attribute. Many of the technical features are defined in RDFa Core 1.1, and only a small number of additional tests are required for the Role Attribute. If you are interested in helping or have additional comments, please contact us via the instructions at:
       before *24 August 2012*

About the URI: The first URI above goes to the latest version of the document. The "dated" version of this CR version is:
The difference between these URIs are explained in Referencing and Linking to WAI Guidelines and Technical Documents at:

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your comments.
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~Shawn Henry, WAI Outreach
Janina Sajka. PFWG Chair
Michael Cooper, PFWG W3C Staff Contact
Judy Brewer, WAI Director

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