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Re: Two web sites

From: Guruprasad Sira <guruprasad.sira@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 18:38:07 +0530
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To: Meliha Yenilmez <melihayenilmez@yahoo.com>
Cc: WAI Group <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
If that piece of Flash is what you want to be addressed, I would recommend you to try an alternate with Ajax which will give you the same effect and you can make it accessible.

Talking about a parallel site, you may rather consider giving a text alternative to the inaccessible content. Providing another completely accessibility compliant site as an option may not be required in your case. Either provide text alternative or implement Ajax based component.

Finally, if you still decide to go with 2 sites option - which has disadvantages as Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis has rightly said - try better labelling than "inaccessible site". It is only a portion of the site content that is inaccessible there.

Hope it helps.

Guruprasad Sira

Meliha Yenilmez <melihayenilmez@yahoo.com> wrote:

>work in a “Ministry
>of Family and Social Policies”in Turkey .
>My head office does legislations for disability and old people. They often look
>our web site therefore we want to make our website more accessibile. However,
>there is a little problem. Accessibility is new concept in Turkey . When
>someone look at the web site, maybe they don’t like it because they are used to flash version web sites.
>web site iswww.aile.gov.tr . We've used
>Flash for our ministry's news on the middle of the page. She wants to see that
>flash news on the web site but we don't convert that flash for
>accessibile.Therefore, we decide making 2 web sites.
>someone clickwww.aile.gov.tr , he'll see
>accessible website which has not designed yet. If he doesn't want to surf with
>inaccessible web site, he click
>the button [Button’s name is” Click here for non-accessible web site”] and
>then, he surfs with flash version of website. (I drew in attachment)
>we do like that, is it accessible or not? And my other question is " When
>we do like that, is it disability discrimination or not?"
>that is not accessible or include discrimination, why? Because I present her
>excuses why we don’t use both website.
>a lot.
>Meliha Yenilmez
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