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SV: Chat application for the deaf-blind?

From: Morten Tollefsen <morten@medialt.no>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 08:11:42 +0100
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To: "Lars Ballieu Christensen" <lbc@sensus.dk>, <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>


I do feel this is a bit "off topic", however designing rich web
applications for deaf blind is a very interesting design challenge. The
reason why I'm answering is that I'm working on a small prototype called
Braillebook. Yes, of course, a Facebook client, including the chat
functionality. This is a project owned by LSHDB (the Norwegian
federation of deaf blind, sorry I did not find the exact English


I was also thinking about to cursors (and user testing may very well
show this is the best solution). However I'm going to try another
solution first. This solution is even simpler and works like this:


1: Write a message, press Tab and select the recipient

(this allows chatting with several persons)

2: When a message is received a popup-box including the message is

3: Received messages are also shown in a list on the page.


The chat page looks something like this (at least this is the code
order) (translated in a hurry from Norwegian):


Chat: Braillebook

Write a message: [message] 

Select recipient: [list with online friends]

[Send chat message, button]


Received chat messages

* Did you remember to buy fish? (to Kari Persen, 12.05)

* The messages are also shown in a list below the send button. (from Per
Persen, 12.01)">

* A pop up with new messages are shown when you get new messages. (from
Per Persen, 12.01)">

* How can i notice new messages? (to Per Persen, 12.01)




Best regards


Morten Tollefsen

www.medialt.no, +47 908 99 305

MSN: mortentollefsen@hotmail.com, Skype: morten.tollefsen



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