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Re: screenreader support for language subcodes

From: Christophe Strobbe <christophe.strobbe@esat.kuleuven.be>
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 22:05:12 +0100
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Hi Gregory,

At 18:40 12/02/2008, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:

>aloha, christophe!
>while i haven't yet had the opportunity to use the test page you posted,

I forgot to describe the purpose of the test pages:
the idea is to record the default language (and other language related
options of the AT such as the option to switch between dialects in a
base language, as noted by David Poehlman), then to open each of the
test files and make a note of the language (possibly language variant)
that you hear.
The goal is to check whether there is a language switch if the language
of the page is different from the AT's default language and the
language attribute uses an additional subtag.

I am especially intested in older AT versions that are still commonly

>i thought you would be interested to note that NVDA, the open source
>freeware screen reader for windows (http://www.nvda-project.org/) has
>"en-au" set as its default "natural language", which is only logical, since
>it is being developed by australians -- one can switch to en-gb or en-us if
>one prefers -- i don't believe that mick curran of NVDA fame is subscribed
>to any of the lists to which your emessage was posted, so i'm carbon-copying
>him directly so that he can provide you with the under-the-covers
>information necessary to fully answer your inquiry...

I had not checked which languages NVDA supported, so thanks for pointing this
out. I'll test NVDA one of the next days.

>as a side note, a similar choice offered by many screen readers is to choose
>between "french french" (lang="fr" or lang="fr-fr") and quebeƧois ("fr-ca")
>but few -- to my knowledge -- support "fr-be" -- similarly, there is support
>for portuguese, lang="pt" or lang="pt-pt" for portuguese spoken in portugal,
>as well as lang="pt-br", for brazilian portuguese, but there aren't support
>for other lusaphone subtags (for angola, mozambique, cape verde, etc.)

Thanks. I've only used the default settings in JAWS (except for the
synthesizer language), so I'll delve deeper into the other options.

Best regards,


>hope this helps, and i will DEFINITELY try your resource later today,
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