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Re: Query - Street level maps for JAWS users in UK

From: David Poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 09:04:44 -0400
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...and to make a long message even longer, here's the information on the 
Itinerary site I mentioned:
<<<begin partial quote of message on this>>>
> The site is called TripIt and is at http://www.tripit.com
> <blocked::http://www.tripit.com/> . They have a mobile version which is
> very
> accessible and can be used on mobile devices, at http://m.tripit.com
> <blocked::http://m.tripit.com/> .
> It's purpose is to take your travel reservations and put them on a simple
> web page with enhanced information that is relevant such as weather,
> directions to your destination etc.
> It's very easy to get started. You don't even have to register, just
> forward
> the confirmation e-mails that you get from airlines, car rental agencies,
> Orbitz, Travelocity, Amtrak, Eurostar and other travel companies and
> websites to plans@tripit.com <blocked::mailto:plans@tripit.com> . Tripit
> parses the e-mails, including attached PDFs, and builds an itinerary for
> you, complete with historical temperatures, maps, and links to information
> about your destinations from Wikipedia and other sites. For flights,
> Tripit
> adds links to check flight status and to check-in.
> Obviously the fact that this thing can take the PDF files and extract the
> key info from them has some potential accessibility benefits.
> I've used it with Air new Zealand, Southwest, Hilton, and US Airways so
> far,
> and it got every single itinerary perfect.
> Itineraries are editable and you can add notes. The first time you send an
> email to Tripit you get a reply with a link to verify your account.
> Verification is extremely simple, just enter your name and choose a
> password
> and you're all signed up.
> If you add your family, colleagues and friends to Tripit they can share
> your
> itineraries and you'll get "Closeness Messages" from Tripit when you cross
> paths with friends. I can see this being quite useful when a number of us
> are heading to a convention.
> They have a "Tripit To Me" email bot that responds to commands like "get
> trip", so you can retrieve your enhanced itinerary and save it to a file
> if
> you want. It will also sync in real time with Outlook 2007 which of course
> will then sync to your mobile device.
> So the bottom line if you have Outlook 2007, is that once set up, you book
> your travel, forward the confirmation e-mails, and it all appears in your
> Outlook Calendar and then in other mobile devices.
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