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Accessible On Line Chat Application

From: Julian Voelcker <asp@tvw.net>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 13:30:13 +0100
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-Id: <VA.000013e6.23ba8880@tvw.net>

Have any of you come across a good implementation of an online chat 
system that is also accessible?

I have come across several that are Java/Flash based and in the past 
have made something in ASP that launched in a new window and used 
frames to provide the standard layout showing the messages in the top 
screen that refreshed using the META refresh tag every 5 seconds and 
then providing a screen below it for entering new messages.

I know I could probably rehash what I have done in the past and make it 
reasonably accessible, but would be interested to know if anyone else 
has tackled this and what they have ended up doing.


Julian Voelcker
Cirencester, United Kingdom
Received on Wednesday, 26 October 2005 12:28:54 UTC

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