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RE: showing visited links ?

From: Jim Allan <jimallan@tsbvi.edu>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:08:40 -0500
Cc: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
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Also, screen reader ignore visual styling, and determine a links state from
the browser.
visual indication of link status is very useful to many people.
Link state(s) should be uniquely specified by the author or left unstyled so
the browser can assume the task.

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David Harris wrote:
> I'm interested in peoples thoughts about how visited links can be shown
> accessibly. Currently we don't show them in our CSS but want to find  a
> way to do this.  There doesn't seem much discussion on them, least that
> I've found.

Should be trivial to adjust your CSS to differentiate visited from
unvisted links...

As far as accessibility is concerned, this is a user agent issue. There
are a number of screenreaders that can be configured to identify visited
links. If there is a user need to visually indicate the difference, most
user agents can be configured (using browser overrides for CSS or user
CSS) to emphasize (or de-emphasize) visited links according to the users

Hope that helps,


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