Re: Fieldset legend text doesn't wrap

It's an IE 6 bug. (Sadly I think some others have it too)



On Fri, 14 May 2004 09:53:59 +0100, Jason Mesut 
<Jason.Mesut@PACONSULTING.COM> wrote:

> I used a survey tool called Perseus for a project a while ago and it is 
> meant to generate section 508 compliant forms for the questions and uses 
> the fieldset and legend tags for the questions and answers.
> The problem is that my client has found that when you increase the text 
> size and view on a low resolution (like 800x600), some questions don't 
> wrap and the text trails off to nowhere.
> Has anyone had a similar experience, and can offer some advice or is 
> this just a bug with the tags in IE6?

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