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User-stylesheets and screen reader support for lang, aural styles , etc.

From: Craig, James P (BearingPoint) <jcraig@bearingpoint.net>
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:21:41 -0500
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Hello all,

I just re-subscribed to the list because I am currently responsible for some
accessibility compliance (among other things) and I have a few questions. 

1) I was wondering where I might find a typical user style sheet to use in
testing. I know CSS and could code my own, but I'm not sure how relevant it
would be because I don't have any particular handicap. I also realize that
there is no such thing as a "generic user style sheet" because everything
depends on the individual's handicap and personal preferences. However, if
there are any common traits among most user style sheets, could someone
point me in the direction of a resource where I may download one? I assume I
will mainly be looking for large font, high contrast, styles. That was the
only idea I had planned if I ended up coding my own.

2) What screen reader user agents, if any, support automatic language
pronunciation switching via the 'lang' and 'xml:lang' attributes of HTML and
XHTML? If none, is there any date for planned support? For example, ideally
I would like a screen reader to be reading in English, but switch to a
Spanish pronunciation scheme when it encounters an element like:

  <a href="es.htm" lang="es">&iquest;En espa&ntilde;ol?</a>

3) What screen reader user agents, if any, support aural stylesheets? If
none, is there any date for planned support?

Thanks so much in advance,
James Craig

Design Technologist
Bearing Point, Inc.
Office: 512.542.3568
Mobile: 512.567.2576

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