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Re: site provided accessibility control interfaces:

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@sidar.org>
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 13:44:03 +1100
Cc: WAI Interest Group <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
To: Matthew Smith <matt@kbc.net.au>
Message-Id: <5E4AE754-2DB3-11D7-9EB2-000A95678F24@sidar.org>

If I get some spare time I will have a go at translating it. In the 
meantime, con marcos/sin marcos is with or without frames, fondo is 
background, elegir means choose, enlaces are links, subrayo is 
underline, mostrar is show - maybe that helps a bit. (This is still 
alpha and there are some actual bugs, just to increase the confusion...)

Your approach looks interesting. I suspect I could write the PERL 
myself, but seeing yours will simplify it even more ;-) It might also 
be interesting to look at using this approach to deal with CC/PP or 
something similar sent in the HTTP headers...



On Wednesday, Jan 22, 2003, at 09:04 Australia/Melbourne, Matthew Smith 

> Hi All
>> Feel free to try it out if you can struggle with spanish at 
>> http://www.sidar.org/recur/usuar/nav/editorcss/index.php - feedback 
>> is welcome, but please be aware that this is an alpha being released 
>> for people who like trying things that are likely to still have bugs.
> I tried, I struggled...  Spanish is sufficiently different from French
> and Italian to have me thrown!  Will look again in the light of the
> morning because I'm interested in this sort of thing.
> The community directory that I'm working on at the moment has a
> user-changeable style sheet.  Basically, it's a Perl CGI programme that
> generates a style sheet based on parameters fed to it as a query 
> string.
> For example:
> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
> href="/cc/css?size=normal;scheme=colour;showimages=yes" />
> If anyone wants the Perl source, let me know.
Charles McCathieNevile           charles@sidar.org
Fundación SIDAR                       http://www.sidar.org
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