Re: Bullfighter: plain English tool to seek and destroy jargon


As this page is a typical must have scripting enabled, must have
Flash installed commercial web page, could someone please summarise
the site for me.  The only readable content on the site appears not
to have been translated out of marketing English++.

(I can't get beyond:


without reading source, and even then end up with:


I would have to reboot to Windows to get further as Flash won't install
on Slackware.

I could deconstruct it a lot more, but the site as a whole isn't 
claiming to be a model of accessihility, and, at least it doesn't have
a blank home page or loop on a redirect to an error page (from the URL,
probably a "please upgrade" page) as does one of the other major auditors'

++   Linkname: [leftad_1.gif]

Received on Sunday, 29 June 2003 13:03:43 UTC