Re: WCAG Checkpoint 5.3

> layout. I think often layout table cells are very
> context independent and can be understood anyway you
> should linearize.

My interpretation of this has always been much stricter.   To me it says
make sure that the contents is physically ordered in the order in 
which most people would want to read it.  In particular, this means such
that "skip navigation" links are more or less redundant becuse the
user is presented with the prime contents, or at least the front loaded
first paragraph, that acts as an abstract of the contents, before anything

"Front loading" is a desirable in writing information containing web
pages.  It basically means summarising the contents of the page in 
the first line, and again, in more detail, in the first paragraph, so 
that someone can make a rapid decision as to whether they are on the
right page for their needs.

Received on Friday, 27 June 2003 17:40:11 UTC