New Version of Cynthia Says and Question

Hello All,

We had a user of the tester ask us an interesting question.
The user asked us if when running CynthiaSyas could the tell the tester to
ignore some specific lines even though they were not accessible! Upon
further research we found the errors were caused by their host. The host
included Advertising at the top of every page, say, Line 10-20 of the code.
It was not accessible, and it appeared that there was no effort to make it
accessible. We understood the Web Developers request and basically
recommended that they:

1. Note it in their accessibility statement
2. Create a Skip Ad Link
3. Notify the host on the importance of making the add accessible (And of
course real business reasons)
4. To send a request to the Host to make their ads accessible

It would be easy to say get a new host, but this is simply not an option for
all developers/web site owners. With this in mind we have made the advanced
version of the CynthiaSays.Com tester allow a user to define lines to
ignore, so that they can see how they are doing without the constant errors
of the ad to confuse things.

Now the Question:
Has anyone had experiences with getting a host to make these ads accessible?

Best Regards,

Rob Yonaitis
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Received on Thursday, 26 June 2003 14:40:29 UTC