what's the header? was Re: accessify.com's review of RNIB relaunch

On Wednesday, June 25, 2003, at 02:10  PM, Kynn Bartlett wrote:
> The best searchable content on this page is, I'd argue, _not_ the
> <h1>, but the one you have marked as <h2> -- the individual
> title for this archived blog entry.
> So there's a conundrum here.  How exactly do you structure the
> headings for this page if you require that the most important
> content be in the <h1>?

Good question!
In the archive section of my site, I would (hmm. I guess that's "will", 
now) make the title of the entry into the <h1>, since it is the only 
meaningful header in the document, and change the title of the site 
into a <div>, since it's not as relevant in the rest of the site as it 
is on the home page. (I would additionally change my <title> to include 
the name of the site and the content of the heading).

(To tie the threads together a bit: how can I do this all after the 
fact? XHTML and XSLT! It sure beats manually editing 150-plus pages...)

> Let's not add on extra requirements for well-made pages!

Then let's start making pages well! :)


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