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On 25 Jun, Tim Roberts wrote

> In accessibility we are working towards getting things as "good as we 
> can for the greatest number of users". And in reality, who has an XHTML 
> browser that will not display an XHTML page correctly. The reason that 

   "Who has an XHTML browser that will not display a XHTML page
   correctly", you ask. Were it but that simple.

   Ignoring "display correctly" (what is "correctly" ?) it is a matter
   of defining "XHTML browser".

   A browser that understands XHTML ? To my knowledge, the *only one*
   which does do that when the XHTML is served *in accordance with the
   standards* is Gecko.

   So: "who has an XHTML browser" turns to "Very few, if you believe the

   XHTML is not without problems, and done RIGHT can create accessibility
   problems. Not surprised, I hope.
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