Re: BFoB Case Study question--table summaries

On 25 Jun, Leslie K. Yoder wrote:

> Is this necessary? I was under the impression that only data tables needed
> summaries. Does providing a summary for tables used for layout serve a
> purpose?

  The WCAG, to my knowledge, does not explicitly say either way. It
  does, to me, seem from both the WCAG and the HTML specification that
  the summary attribute should describe the table's purpose AND
  structure - and a table used for layout has preciously little of the

  Now that you mention it, however ... I seem to believe that you cannot
  achieve WCAG 'AAA' whilst using tables for layout - actually, since
  you can't get past checkpoint 3.3 when you do, achieving 'AA'
  shouldn't be possible either.

  After all, it explicitly states:

    "Layout, positioning, layering, and alignment should be done through
     style sheets (notably by using CSS floats and absolute

  Perhaps someone from the WAI-WG could clear up this ?
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