Re: [WAI] is a hack, but not terrible Re: list management

apologies for responding at top.

Some other suggestions:


A long shot but will the listserv allow dropping the square
brackets (I know its accepted convention) - that would allow the version
that UK people might think of as the Geordie version ..


just thoughts


> I agree with Nick that the subject line is valuable space, and should be 
> used for a subject. (Of course if I had an intelligent mailer I could 
> mark this as a disagreement in the discussion, and people could have 
> that presented by their mailer. One of the things I expect from the 
> Semantic Web - it has been demonstrated in Amaya and is quite cool...)
> I also agree with those who suggest configuring the user agent to put in 
> the relevant information based on the mail headers. (RFC 822 is a very 
> old protocol, and things like extension mechanisms are still implemented 
> badly. Sigh).
> Which means that while I don't think it would be GREAT, because it is a 
> nasty hack to cover the problems of bad clients, it wouldn't upset me 
> either. It would be GREAT if mail clients were more helpful - the "Mail" 
> program ( that is built into OS X is the best I have seen in 
> this regard, and it isn't all that great. Procmail is very powerful, but 
> beyond the average person....
> Tina: I apologise  for putting my responses first, but often people have 
> read/heard the thread. In accessibility efficiency is incredibly  
> important, and I haven't met a mail client that allows you to "skip to 
> the interesting bits". So for now I will continue to leave the original 
> context until after my message, or to try and put a summary in advance 
> with the details interspersed as per "ordinary" mailing list 
> conventions. On lists where the majority of people are using assistive 
> technologies people complain if you put old stuff first - it takes too 
> much time to find the interesting stuff.
> cheers
> Chaals
> On Monday, Jun 23, 2003, at 19:41 Europe/Zurich, Nick Kew wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Jun 2003, Liddy Nevile wrote:
>>> Would others agree with me that it would be a GREAT help if this list
>>> always had its name in the subject line - so the subject line read
>>> something like: Re: [W3C-WAI-IG] title for the frame  ???
>> I disagree.  We have computers to automate administrivia like sorting
>> incoming email into folders.  Lists that work the way you describe
>> waste a large chunk of what could otherwise be a meaningful subject line
>> as presented by a mailer.
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