Looking for Testers

Hello All,

We are closing in on our next release of our AccVerify Line - To be the
AccVerify Stuido. We have added a full suite of functional testing
capabilities for Web Services, Integrations and Functional Testing
Requirements to assist in Accessibility and Usability testing of Web
Services and General Functional Application Web Sites

The New AccVerify Studio Beta will ship around June 27

We are looking for beta Testers who are familiar with Scripting Languages:

Visual Basic Script, Jscript, Java Script, Perl, Python, Rexx, Tcl, PHP etc

The New version of our solutions will have full support for Scripting
enabling enhanced functional testing to be tightly wed to Accessibility and
Usability testing.

Anyone wishing to participate please let me know off list.

Thanks in advance,

Rob Yonaitis
State of Florida Governor's ADA Working Group in Collaboration with
Florida's State Technology Office Selects HiSoftware Content Quality and
Accessibility Solutions

Received on Thursday, 19 June 2003 09:35:10 UTC