Re: Longdesc attribute for images

Yes, it's true that graphical browsers used without AT have little use for
the long description since the non-AT user presumeably can view the image
directly.  I believe both JAWS and WindowEyes screen readers make use of the
exposed LongDesc and truly do give blind web surfers the opportunity to open
the long description for information on the image they aren't seeing.  I
imagine IBM Home Page Reader gives access to Longdesc as well.  If Lynx
doesn't support Longdesc, I think it really should since the long
description is a powerful way to render images as meaningful text that's as
long as necessary to do the full job of describing an image.


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> > On my own experience, no graphical browser accept the longdesc
> > attribute for img or frames.
> IE and Mozilla both expose the longdesc attribute. Mozilla also gives it
> a property of the image.
> Graphical browsers used raw (that is, without any AT) have little use for
> longdesc beyond that.

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