Re: Longdesc attribute for images

On 18 Jun, yoan SIMONIAN wrote:

> I have a question about the longdesc attribute.
> WCAG 1.0 said in 1999 that this attribute is a priority1.

  I believe that what you are referring to is checkpoint 1.1, which
  states that all graphical elements should have a text equivalent.

  This has several meanings. One is that a lengthy description of an
  image could be given at a separate URI, specified by the longdesc.
  Using it, as I read the spec, is depending on context.

> It said too that a "d-link" is a solution.

  I've heard alot about "d-link". I'm even using D-Link - it's a
  manufacturer of hardware. I've never EVER seen "d-link" specified in
  either WCAG, HTML, or an RFC - and never on a website.

  May I take this opportunity to ask if someone could point me to the
  specification of "d-link"s ?

> On my own experience, no graphical browser accept the longdesc attribute for img or frames.  Lynx doesn't accept it too.

  All Gecko-based browsers support it. I use it myself, and has found it
  very nice indeed, even if the Mozilla crowd could include a
  *clickable* link instead of just making it available.

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