RE: Forms

As per the Spec it is valid and optional for Inputs like shown in the
example: Now is it the best use? The WAI Team has said on ocassions that
they recommend LABEL but Alt is valid. So it is valid on the example given
is my only point and will validate as "Good" HTML. However it seems it is
supported by the most basic screen readers but not the advanced ones.

Since the number of valid attributes for the input are a limited set you
would think all scree readers could handle them.

Here is the alt description.

Attribute definitions

alt = text [CS] 
For user agents that cannot display images, forms, or applets, this
attribute specifies alternate text. The language of the alternate text is
specified by the lang attribute. 
Several non-textual elements (IMG, AREA, APPLET, and INPUT) let authors
specify alternate text to serve as content when the element cannot be
rendered normally. 

Specifying alternate text assists users without graphic display terminals,
users whose browsers don't support forms, visually impaired users, those who
use speech synthesizers, those who have configured their graphical user
agents not to display images, etc.

The alt attribute must be specified for the IMG and AREA elements. 

It is optional for the INPUT and APPLET elements.

Received on Tuesday, 17 June 2003 09:43:26 UTC