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It would have been beneficial to add that there is a standard attribute title
which can be used in an input element.

W3 reference for the title attribute.

"Values of the title attribute may be rendered by user agents in a variety of
ways. For instance, visual browsers frequently display the title as a "tool
tip" (a short message that appears when the pointing device pauses over an
object). Audio user agents may speak the title information in a similar
context. For example, setting the attribute on a link allows user agents
(visual and non-visual) to tell users about the nature of the linked resource."


On an input element this is the closest attribute for providing functionality
similar to the alt attribute.

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003 01:46:48 -0700, Bill Mason wrote
> At 01:33 AM 6/17/2003, Angela K Hilton wrote:
> >   <input type="text" name="lastname" accesskey="L" tabindex="1" 
> > id="lastname"
> >alt="Last Name">
> >
> >I am also having trouble getting the alt tag to work.
> There is no such thing as an ALT attribute on a text input tag.
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