Important AT508 Webcast Program on 508 Status


         What is the current status of Section 508 implementation within the 
federal government? Is 508 benefiting federal employees with disabilities? Are 
there ripple effects for 508 to the consumer or other government levels, and 
if there are where are they? Who is the lead federal agency involved in 
implementing 508? These questions and others will be discussed Friday, June 20 at a 
town meeting on the web. 

         Join us and tell your friends to join us.


         John Williams  



      For Immediate Release                    Thursday, June 12, 2003        

Disability Experts to Webcast National Town Meeting on Rescuing Section 508 
Noted Panelists to Convene Disability Community On-line to Issue "Federal 
Agency Report Card on Section 508 Compliance" as Concern over Government 
Implementation Grows: Friday, June 20, 2:00 PM ET at

Contact:    Dave Gardy                John Williams 
(703) 961-9250 ext. 221                  (703) 404-0071

Chantilly, Va.  Internet TV Channel and leading assistive technology portal, an affiliate on the network, announced it will offer 
a free live video webcast of the National Town Meeting to Rescue Section 508, 
to be held June 20, 2003 2:00 PM ET, on-line at The event will 
highlight Section 508 of the National Rehabilitation Act on its 2nd 
anniversary and feature prominent expert panelists from the community of those people 
with disabilities who will issue a "Federal Agency Report Card on Section 508 
Compliance". The panel will be led by world-renowned disability columnist John 
Williams of and Mike Paciello, President of The Paciello Group 
(TPG), a leading international authority on Internet and software accessibility. 
Other panelists from industry and government will be announced shortly. The 
meeting will be webcast with open captioning of the streaming video, or 
"webcaptingsm", developed by to assist federal agency clients in 
complying with Section 508. 

"Our goal is to generate mainstream awareness of the inherent weaknesses in 
the federal government's implementation of the important Section 508 
legislation," stated Mr. Paciello. "A key flaw in the effective enforcement of Section 
508 involves a consistent and reliable set of usability, quality assurance, and 
certification measures that ensure E&IT product accessibility. Consequently, 
federal agencies aren't truly complying -- and vendors are given mixed 
messages about what is or isn't accessible. This town meeting will result in a viable 
plan of action, with real proposals for re-structuring conflicts of interest 
in Section 508 enforcement and federal agency oversight as we unite our 
community to rectify this problem."

"President Bush's administration has not made the enforcement of section 508 
a priority, despite the fact that they've claimed credit for doing exactly 
that," remarked Mr. Williams. "There are more than 56 million Americans with 
disabilities, and its time that the federal government's enforcement of disability 
legislation is granted the same dedication of resources as other ongoing 
federal efforts such as the war on drugs."  

"Individuals with disabilities are a very close-knit community and we've 
found through the rapid growth of, that the web is a strong enabling 
factor for this demographic," commented Dave Gardy, CEO of TVWorldwide. "I am 
very proud of our accessible video streaming applications being utilized to 
engage the community of those people with disabilities and pleased to be working 
with to make this interactive webcast event a reality for the 
thousands we expect nationally. "

Visitors to the live webcast town meeting will be able to post questions to 
panelists and participate in Q&A via e-mail, providing a fully interactive 
forum for sharing of information.  

The event will be webcast live and archived for viewing at and Participants should have the free Real Video Player 
installed prior to the event and should log on by 1:45 PM ET on Friday, June 20.
TVWorldwide's Internet TV channel was launched in October at the 
World Congress on Disabilities in Orlando, Fla, featuring world-renowned 
disability columnist John Williams covering the latest in assistive technology and 
Section 508 news and since then has webcast the TASH, ATIA, CSUN and CEC events 
for the community of people with disabilities. features articles and 
videos on the latest in assistive technology products, services and issues 
and during trade show events, highlights keynotes, presentations and interviews 
with exhibitors and speakers. events are webcast live and archived 
in fully accessible format using the captioned video streaming of's "webcaptingsm" process. sponsors include The Paciello Group, 
Keybowl, HP, Kurzweil Educatonal Systems, Corda, Deque, Audio Eye, Sighted 
Electronics Freedom Vision and Vcom3D.
About The Paciello Group (TPG)

Founded by Mike Paciello, TPG is an international leader in Accessibility 
Consulting and Engineering. TPG is dedicated to helping corporations, government 
agencies and educational institutions make their IT 
resources accessible to all people, including those with disabilities. They 
offer professional consulting, technology solutions and monthly monitoring 
services to ensure that clients reach and maintain the ongoing accessibility of 
their digital assets. Further information on The Paciello Group can be found 
online at
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As a leading global Internet broadcasting and streaming media company, TV 
Worldwide ( is developing a network of video channels that is 
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