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Hi David,

True, as it does make people think about why it might be there. I suspect I 
will use both ways as I reburbish old sites as sometimes the design may not 
work well with the link showing (although in thinking about it more-that 
would be rare).



At 01:04 PM 6/12/2003 -0400, David Poehlman wrote:

>There is no reason not to make the skip nav visible and it can aide even
>more people that way.
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>Hi Joe,
>Thanks for posting this link-it was very interesting to read.
>I just got this info from another publication about Google, which is quite
>...Google [is] declaring all hidden links as
>bad and automatically checking every page for them...Most
>invisible links do fall into the spam category, but not all.  If you
>look at you will find an invisible GIF link
>telling you to "Click here to skip to main content."  Is this spam?
>Absolutely not.  What CNN is doing is an accessibility technique
>called "skip navigation" to make their site friendlier to people with
>I really hope they are not going to penalize people for trying to make
>sites more accessible :(

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