RE: JavaScript and Accessibility

> Are you suggesting there are significant differences between the two
> standards? In reality, why would a "developer" simply identify, in a
> functional manner, an instance of script usage (as required by 
> 508) without
> ensuring the information is usable as well?

Yes. It would be surprising, and indeed wrong, if there weren't.

Neither of those documents are standards. One is guidelines ("hey, you want to do the right thing, here's a few pointers") one is a piece of legislation ("hey, do do the wrong thing, we'll see you in court"), they are produced with different objectives, for different purposes, by different groups, to be used in different ways by different developers and enforced in a different manner).

In reality a developer would simply identify an instance of script usage because then he or she would not be open to legal action. Yes a conscientious developer would try their best to make the ensuing information usable, but if we only had conscientious citizens we wouldn't need much in the way of laws.

Received on Thursday, 12 June 2003 12:47:56 UTC