Re: OutSpoken for Macintosh euthanized

Might there be legal issues for the future (UK) and currently (US) if OSX
and therefore all new macs are inaccessible to people with low or no vision?

Just a thought.


On 12/6/03 1:13 am, "Nick Kew" <> wrote:

> On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Kevin A Sesock wrote:
>> I have a feeling that the W3C WAI interest group could at the very least
>> put significant pressure on them to do so. It might just be enough.
> That presupposes it's worth rescuing.  I don't know, and someone suggested
> (in private email following my post) that it's tied to an old MacOS,
> and that it might be more productive to start from existing Unix
> products for OSX.
>> What
>> do you believe would be next step to get the vendor to open the code?
> A polite request from someone who would take an active interest (not me -
> I have no access to Mac hardware, nor expertise in HCI).
>> What
>> license do you think we should push for? GPL? FreeBSD?
> I wouldn't push for any until and unless the copyright holder asks
> for suggestions.  "Release the source - or as much of it as isn't
> prohibited by third-party copyright - and you might want to consider
> using one of the established open source licenses, such as ..."
> Opening the source might turn it into the worlds best app, but the
> a-priori chances are higher it'll do nothing at all.  That depends
> on many things, but above all it has to have enough to offer to
> attract developers into reusing the source in preference to
> working from scratch or using other existing programs,

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