Re: View -> Text Size :: Relative increase and decrease in IE


let me say first that at we use a fixed font which 
is very large. Others will have more experience with text.

My understanding is that the smallest font displayed should be 1em, and 
that this should be readable by some, including me, at smallest setting 
on any browser.

Your table looks great, and not too skewed. fonts are a complex system, 
so perhaps expecting a precise simple relation is asking too much.
Would it be worth creating a similar one using another browser?

I am not sure what you mean by zoom graphics, perhaps you could 


On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 12:00  am, Hoffman, Geoffrey wrote:

> I've come across a topic which is difficult to explain with ASCII 
> text, so I
> made some screenshot examples and an HTML page to illustrate my
> problem/question. If you have a minute, maybe the information is 
> useful to
> you; maybe not. Either way, thanks for taking a moment to read it.
> Example:
> In a nutshell, IE4,5,5.5,6 (unlike NS7 and OP7 which zoom text AND 
> graphics)
> has the View --> Text Size menu with Smallest through Largest. In 
> trying to
> determine the ratio of text scaling going on, I found there was no 
> ratio, in
> fact, it turned into a much more perplexing question than I could 
> possibly
> imagine. (Why would Microsoft hard-code text-size values using 
> non-standard
> differences between text sizings?)
> Our issue is the vast majority of our users use IE on Windows. The text
> sizes we've used on are fine if 'Medium' 
> is
> selected, but with 'smaller' or 'smallest' it's unreadable. At least 
> one
> other site we looked at doesn't seem to have this problem.
> Is it possible to tell what setting (either Text Size or View Zoom or
> whatever) the user has their browser set to?
> Is it possible to prevent the user from scaling text below a certain 
> point,
> but up however big they like?
> I am wondering if the problem I am having on my site is caused by 
> inheriting
> "smaller" more than once based on the cascade effect? In other words, 
> if you
> have 0.9em on a div and a td and an a, then is the a inside a td 
> inside a
> div going to get 0.9 * 0.9 * 0.9 = 0.729?
> I know the Tribune site is far from being accessible, but we're slowly
> making progress in the right direction... the insight from this list 
> has
> been tremendous.
> Thanks-
> Geoff Hoffman
> Lead Web Developer
> AZ Interactive Media Group
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> Cell: (480) 231-8323

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