RE: Accessible Dynamic Menus

I just saw this on Webreference update...

I do not know if it works.  I have not figured out if it is accessible
either, but it may be a start.


FEATURE: Pure CSS2 Drop-down Menus

Here's a site that uses lists, CSS, and some JavaScript
to create sleek drop-down menus:

...a drop-down menu using no JavaScript to turn on and off the
visibility of hidden elements would be ideal. Stuart Robertson of, has done  that:

He uses a contextual selector, and the hover pseudo- class on a list
element, like this:

.menu li ul {
    display: none;

.menu li:hover ul {
    visibility: visible;
    display: block;
    border:1px solid black;

Stuart reports that this technique works for Mozilla, Netscape 6+, 
Opera 7, Safari, and Konqueror. IE5 Mac and the latest versions of IE
for Windows only support the hover pseudo-class on links. Maybe future
versions will support the :hover pseudo-class on other elements, as per
the W3C specification.

Other techniques of Interest



Mike Burks

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Subject: Accessible Dynamic Menus

Is it possible to have accessible dynamic menus, either the 'windows' 
style ones that drop down from a button at the top of the screen or a 
vertical expanding style menu that can expand downwards to display sub 

I know that you can do some fun things now with lists and CSS, but can 
they constitute being accessible.

I would be interested to know what you think.

If it is possible, I would love some examples.


Julian Voelcker

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