RE: XHTML from Microsoft Word

I think He is talking about MS Office 2003.  Betas are available, although
they might not reflect the final product in all respects.  In the XML Cover
Pages website, under Articles, there are references to articles and
postings about the formats used by MS Word, as well as the format proposed
for Open Office.  

I have recently bought an upgrade to WordPerfect 11.  It can export its
files in Docbook 4.2 format.  In versions 9 through 11, you can create a
template based on a DTD such as the NISO Z39.86 DTBook110.dtd and create
XML files directly.

None of this is going to lessen the pain of creating clean, well-structured
XHTML files from arbitrary  Word or WPD documents.    

At 12:10 PM 5/27/03 -0500, you wrote:
>> ...the next version of Word is supposed to fully
>>integrate XML, meaning that you could save to XML, which is much easier to
>>work with.  That ought to be a lifesaver for many people!
>Which version? and is there a beta to try it out with?
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