Re: window.print ()


Accessibility, means that if the current standard doesn't allow an 
accessible in window print button; Then we need to change the standard.

A brief survey of flash sites will show you that by far the majority 
that provide a suitable activity also have their own print button.
Part of this is usability, part style. If the user is engaged in a 
centre screen activity, it is quicker and easier to move the mouse less 
far, but also the design, colour and context can be far more 
appropriate than that in the toolbar. links to very many 
sites with this facility. However none yet, that have been produced to 
WAI 'accessible' standards. It is not a question of the users not 
migrating understanding to the toolbar, rather understanding that the 
timescale is years rather than days.

In the meantime it would be great, if accessibility wizards could point 
me to some extant resources using in-window print buttons.
Mine will be up in the next month or so..


On Friday, May 23, 2003, at 07:10 AM, David Woolley wrote:

>> The reason that CTRL-P or print using the browser is not appropriate 
>> is
>> that our users have severe learning difficulties, so this would be the
>> way to introduce them to the print graphic and its purpose. we do
> That only works in two contexts:
> 1) they only site on which they ever want to use the print function is
>    your site; or
> 2) your web page isn't really a web page but is really a special 
> purpose
>    browser.
> In other cases, in content print buttons create a more difficult 
> cognitive
> problem because people have to understand a much deeper abstraction of 
> a
> print button to be able to find it on a page regardless of how the
> designer chose to present it, rather than learning just once how to use
> their browser's standard print function.

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