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RE: OT - A Simple Plea

From: Nick Kew <nick@webthing.com>
Date: Fri, 23 May 2003 18:30:46 +0100 (BST)
To: "Hoffman, Geoffrey" <ghoffman@aztrib.com>
Cc: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20030523182945.T976-100000@fenris.webthing.com>

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Hoffman, Geoffrey wrote:

> There's already a perfect solution to out-of-office replies and spam.
> called the Delete Key.

Only up to a point.  If you get over 1000 spam messages a day (as I would
if my server didn't aggressively filter them), then you're going to miss
the occasional genuine message amongst them.  Particularly when that
message has a suspiciously bland/generic subject line, as is often the
case with correspondents whose native language is not English.

Can I suggest people simply upgrade their mail software?
The "vacation" program, for instance, has been free since at least
the 1980s, and isn't so dumb as to reply to mailinglists.

Nick Kew

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