Re: place-holding characters in edit/text boxes


> I'm interested in people's experience/opinion re checkpoint 10.4
>   'Until user agents handle empty controls correctly,
>   include default, place-holding characters in edit
>   boxes and text areas."

This is something I do *not* like; I have seen far too many form fields 
returned with the user's input appended to the place-marking text. (Or 
even worse, interspersed with it.)  When it becomes accepted practice to 
omit this, I'll be one of the first to stop...

I feel that this may be a case of whole legions of Web developers having 
to do extra work to make up for the failings of but a few programmers 
(those writing the screen readers).  I do both, so I'm not biased ;-)



Matthew Smith
IT Consultant - KBC, South Australia
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Received on Friday, 23 May 2003 03:54:17 UTC