From liquid to fixed-width....

Today the web site of my old hometown paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, 
started to do a redesign.

They did a couple of good things, particularly with their navigation 
(including dumping a bytes-heavy DHTML navigation bar), but I was dismayed 
by their change *from* a liquid layout *to* a 800px fixed-width one.

"Set all of our pages to display at the same width, regardless of your 
monitor's resolution. Previously, on some computer monitors, our pages 
widened as you enlarged the size of the browser window you were using. Now, 
if you enlarge your browser beyond a width of 800 pixels, you will see 
white space on the right side of your screen. This greatly simplifies page 
design and speeds performance."
( )

I just wanted to throw that out for comment, as it really threw me.

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet 

Received on Thursday, 22 May 2003 18:18:47 UTC