RE: NFB & Getting Certified

The contact for the NFB certification program is Brad Hodges, you can
reach him at  You should be able to contact him through
the main NFB switchboard at (410) 659-9314 or via e-mail.

I was glad to see discussion of the certification program on the list
this week.  I noted several opinions and ideas regarding the
certification program and various alternatives.  If you have serious
concerns I would encourage you to take them to the NFB.  You will find
them receptive to new ideas about the program and how best to develop it
as it moves forward.

For our part SSB remains committed to working with organizations to
build and maintain accessible web sites and applications.  The NFB
certification program has enabled our clients to incorporate
accessibility into their core business functions while making progress
towards a well defined goal.  We are happy to be any early member of the
program and look forward to being involved with it in the future.

Timothy Stephen Springer
Director of Client Services
 (Please note the new telephone number)
Assess - Address - Assure

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I spoke with Allison about this initiative last fall:

Allison Joyce,

Terrie King
Internet Marketing Manager

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Hi all -

So I have spent half the day trying to reach someone at the NFB about
getting the actual application package to do the whole Web Accessibility
Consultant (WAC) thingy & so far have had zero luck. As near as I can
you have to go through the operator who keeps sending me to a dead end
voicemail that says "if i have a product, mail it in." Unfortunately, I
can't mail in my HTML department. The web site covers the basic
requirements,  but perhaps I have (wrongly) assumed that there is a
submission package? 

Is anyone else pursuing this? Or perhaps knows who the appropriate
is? Its been incredibly frustrating.



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