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RE: image rollovers in css. what is content and what is presentation. background vs foreground.

From: Lauke PH <P.H.Lauke@salford.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 15:19:20 +0100
Message-ID: <3A1D23A330416E4FADC5B6C08CC252B943FF8A@misnts6.mis.salford.ac.uk>
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> Mat,
> This might not give you the control you want, but Have you 
> thought of using
> a background-image that doesn't include 'rasterized graphical 
> text' (such as
> a tiled background gradiation) and then have the link in 
> plain text, which
> is then rendered on top of the image? This way the 'image' is 
> presentation
> and the 'content' remains in the plain text of the link.
> It works like a charm, looks a lot nicer than a flat html 
> color background,
> works without CSS, and is accessible.
> Geoff

That's an interesting idea, however it still brings up issues
of not being able to control font handling on the user's
machine...and would be almost impossible to use for logos or
image-based navigation (icons, mystery-meat, etc)...not to
mention poor antialiasing support for text in some browsers.

Patrick H. Lauke
Webmaster / University of Salford
Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2003 10:20:26 UTC

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