Re: 12hz click

Hi Jonathan,

there are two possibilities here. It is possible in Windows, and I think 
in Mac OS / OSX, to tell the sytem to ignore repeated keypresses. I dn't 
know if this applies also to mouse clicks, but it if doesn't it should. 
(You could file a bug, but if you are not updating to the latest 
operating system this is great in the long run, and should be done, but 
not so helpful today).

On the other hand this doesn't teach students not to press repeatedly 
and it may in fact encourage them to do so.

A specialised mouse is a nice idea - there are groups who work on 
hardware who may already have such a thing, or may be good places to 
discuss how it should work.

It seems that your goal is to teach people not to repeat the clicking. 
What about an activity that got visibly upset at to much clicking? For 
example something like the leaves or chasing the squirrel, where first 
click does the right thing (removes a leaf, pats the squirrel), and sets 
a parameter so subsequent clicks in the next 5 seconds produce a sadder 
and sadder face... I reckon you could do this with SVG - you'd need to 
talk to some experts about whether animation based on / 
evt.activate is slower or faster than onclick / onactivate scripting 
though. This might in turn depend on your player.

just some ideas. Once again it seems you are trying to "push the 
envelope" of what is possible - good luck :)



Jonathan Chetwynd wrote:

> A number of our students click very fast and without apparent reason 
> or cause.
> To help these students learn mouse skills, 3 approaches spring to mind:
> 1    use a specialist mouse that prevents rapid clicking.
> 2    disable left and right click and develop fine motor skills: 
> 3    design an activity that responds at a rapid speed: 
>       IE-PC only for now.
> Each of these has much to recommend it.
> Our solution 3 is not responsive enough, you may need to set your 
> mouse double click to very fast, (which may be a bug, as double click 
> doesn't seem popular on the web?), and for best results move the 
> cursor off the screen. It can work with good kit at about 4hz, but we 
> have rubbish old kit.
> Does anyone know of a very fast online clicking activity? or would 
> anyone care to suggest a method, ie flash, java, as faster than 
> html/javascript.
> an additional bottleneck, would be sound, any ideas to reduce the 
> response time, please?
> thanks
> Jonathan
> the accessibility angle is admittedly not intellectual, rather perhaps 
> limbic?

Received on Sunday, 18 May 2003 05:09:24 UTC