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Re: Fw: Commercial accessibility tools

From: Nick Kew <nick@webthing.com>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 20:09:04 +0100 (BST)
To: David Poehlman <poehlman1@comcast.net>
Cc: wai-ig list <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>, <webaim-forum@list.webaim.org>, <lcarlson@d.umn.edu>
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On Thu, 15 May 2003, David Poehlman wrote:

> This would be interesting for discussion but please comment to the original
> sender as well?

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> From: lcarlson@d.umn.edu [mailto:lcarlson@d.umn.edu]
> Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2003 11:43 AM
> To: webaim-forum@list.webaim.org
> Subject: Commercial accessibility tools
> Has anyone done a commercial accessibility tool comparison or have any
> experience with or opinions of:

Well, of course Site Valet is the best - no doubt about it.  But then I'm
not exactly an impartial observer.

The best Peer Review you can get is through public discussion groups
(such as this one).  Google is your friend.  See for example
(to take an excellent post from this week on the subject of accessibility
evaluation by software) and do your own searches.

Or consider the well-informed view of a professor of hypertext

Nick Kew

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