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RE: EduServ Grant Funds Purchase of LIFT for all 750 UK Universities and Colleges

From: Harry Woodrow <harrry@email.com>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 06:27:55 +0800
To: "'Zoey Chanin'" <zoey@usablenet.com>
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I found this on the below site. Has the W3C and endorsed this use of
their name?

Harry Woodrow


User Manual of
W3C/WCAG Accessibility Suite 

version 1.0.1
An extension for Dreamweaver MX
UsableNet Inc.
October 25, 2002 
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From: Zoey Chanin [mailto:zoey@usablenet.com] 
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Subject: EduServ Grant Funds Purchase of LIFT for all 750 UK
Universities and Colleges

EduServ Grant Funds Purchase of LIFT for all 750 UK Universities and
Grant aims to make complying with SENDA web accessibility easy for the
entire educational community
Bath, England, May 1st 2003 – UsableNet announces that it has won a
tender under a new EduServ grant that will fund the purchase of a site
wide license of LIFT for every Higher Education and Further Education
institution in the UK. The grant will benefit all 750 institutions and
supply each with award winning web accessibility testing and fixing
solutions covering up to 8000 of costs per institution. In addition a
new CHEST contract has been negotiated with significant pricing
discounts to facilitate the purchase of additional UsableNet LIFT
products along with training and extended services in conjunction with
the EduServ grant.  An easy to use calculator is available at
http://www.chest.ac.uk/software/lift/lift_calculator.xls that allows
Institutions to see how much the grant will cover and how much
additional site licenses will cost when purchased through CHEST. 
The EduServ grant will be in place from May 1st 2003 and cover the
purchase and support of one site-wide license of any one of the LIFT
applications (LIFT for Dreamweaver, LIFT for FrontPage or LIFT Online)
until April 30th 2005 (support will continue until 31st July 2005). The
new CHEST contract that runs along side the EduServ grant will
facilitate the purchase of additional site wide licenses if Institutions
require more than one of the LIFT applications. Institutions can request
a demo of the three product options to inform their decision about which
product they want to select as part of the grant at: HYPERLINK
EduServ has a fundamental role in the allocation of any surpluses made
by its subsidiaries such as CHEST, the negotiating division, to the
education community. EduServ has looked at ways in which to spend this
money in the form of a number of grants that will benefit the largest
number of people.  It has identified assistive technology, to help
institutions to comply with SENDA (Special Educational and Needs
Disabilities Act), as a field appropriate for a grant.  LIFT has been
chosen as a suitable product for it’s sophistication in helping web
designers create fully compliant websites and because it is the mostly
widely used product of its kind amongst education institutions in the
UK.  This grant reconfirms the reputation of LIFT as the leading
accessibility tool in the US and Europe amongst education and government
institutions.   With the help of UsableNet, CHEST and EduServ have put
forth a considerable effort to make accessibility compliance a painless
process for HE and FEs, demonstrating significant progress amongst the
Education community in the European Year of the Disabled.
CHEST will be facilitating the delivery of the site wide licenses and
media.  To order the EduServ free site wide of LIFT, institutions simply
need to go to the main website HYPERLINK
, or contact the help desk at HYPERLINK
"mailto:helpdesk@chest.ac.uk"helpdesk@chest.ac.uk. CHEST has made
ordering and fulfillment a very easy process: institutions fill out the
commitment form and two copies of the license form, available from the
above website, and indicate which LIFT product they would like a site
license for.:
LIFT for Dreamweaver - HYPERLINK
LIFT for FrontPage - HYPERLINK
Below you will find more information about the products available
through the grant: 

LIFT for Dreamweaver and UltraDev, is testing and fixing tool for Web
Designers and Developers concerned with creating SENDA-compliant web
sites.  It allows users to test for accessibility and usability issues
directly from within the Dreamweaver environment while building new
pages or retrofitting existing content. Most importantly, it not only
pinpoints problems, it helps fix them. 

LIFT for FrontPage offers the very same features found in the current
LIFT for Macromedia Dreamweaver, but works in the Microsoft FrontPage
environment. As customary in UsableNet's suite of productivity software
tools, LIFT is a tightly integrated add-in to FrontPage that allows Web
developers to eliminate the lengthy retrofitting process and create
usable and accessible content as they go, without having to learn a new
software environment. 
LIFT Online is an online testing tool that allows webmasters and IT
coordinators to easily monitor and maintain usable and accessible
websites, allowing them to customize and establish their own guidelines.
The tests can be run automatically to run on a scheduled basis on an
unlimited number of website.  The service can be used to coordinate the
retrofitting and reporting process for someone responsible for multiple
websites and websites with multiple contributors and is a great
companion tool for LIFT for Dreamweaver or LIFT for FrontPage.
About UsableNet
Headquartered in New York City, UsableNet (http://www.usablenet.com)
develops Web productivity solutions that target Web designers, Web
developers, Web masters, and IT professionals in the Corporate,
Government, Education, and Graphic Arts markets. Available in the form
of software applications and online services, UsableNet products enable
users to reduce website development and maintenance time, improve the
Web experience for site visitors, and standardize Intranet and Internet
content across development teams by helping them to incorporate
usability and accessibility principles.
Press Contacts:
UsableNet and LIFT: Zoey Chanin, HYPERLINK
EduServ (CHEST) - Nikki Green, HYPERLINK

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