Suggestions for Search Form

Hi All

I am developing a community directory which may be searched using either 
keywords or a list of categories.

The "advanced category search" is giving me a few problems; whilst the 
basic search by category uses a simple <select></select> with words and 
phrases, the advanced version provides a summary of what may be found in 
the category.  To put this in a <select></select> would make some rows 
impossibly wide.  My solution was to produce a form for each category; 
the result looks like this:

Although it navigates OK in Lynx, I am not happy with it.

I invite comments on this and ask:

1) Is it OK to have the submit control of a form somewhere before the 
end?  Because of the advanced options which may not be used, I have 
placed it after the section title?

2) Is there too much information on the page using this type of 

Feedback would be appreciated.



Matthew Smith
IT Consultant - KBC, South Australia
KBC Web Site
PGP Public Key

Received on Wednesday, 7 May 2003 21:39:42 UTC