Re: Tab Order for Anchors

> Right - if you have done something very wierd with the link presentation 
> so they don't appear in a sensible order it is helpful to have a 
> tabindex. Otherwise I would say it is not necessary. In any event I 
> sggest it is better to avoid having a wierd ordering in HTML since 
> control of positioning is not always reliable.

I have to confess that my reason for the use of tabindex is more for 
compliance than usability; when I create documents, I do a lot of 
testing with Lynx (saves cluttering my screen up with top-heavy user 
agents), so I have already made sure that the order in which links 
appear is logical.  If links needed to come in anything but their 
natural order, I would regard my document structure as flawed as would 
re-work it.

As long as compliance does not actually detract from usability, I try to 
stick as close as possible to the letter of the law since, to most 
clients, this is something which can be tested easily with an online 
service.  I would rather the client see a message "this complies" rather 
than having to explain the reasoning behind deliberate non-compliance.

Since 99% of my material is produced by Perl programmes, inserting tab 
indices is no great hardship, since I just call a subroutine which keeps 
a track on the values.

Thanks to all who answered my initial question regarding the need (or 
lack of) for tabindex values in document anchors used as targets for 
internal links.



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Received on Monday, 5 May 2003 06:31:34 UTC